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Register and Win

We are giving away free postcards to our users every month.

Monthly Registration Draw
Our computer will randomly select one (1) lucky winner on the first day of each month. The lucky winner will receive a selection of 10 postcards and 1 commemorative cover from us. The winner will receive an email message regarding the winning, and the first name, city and the country of the lucky winner will be published on our website.

Our Monthly Draw Postcards & Cover Winners

April winner: Bob & Joyce from Queensland, Australia
May winner: Silvia from Milano, Italy
June winner: Rhoda from California, United States of America
July winner: Britta from Mappen, Germany
August winner: Adrienne from Northland, New Zealand
September winner: Maili from Raaplana, Estonia
October winner: Peter from Hamburg, Germany
November winner: Bryanna from Irondale, Ontario, Canada
December winner: Peter from Riga, Latvia
January 2009 winner: Anne from Fosham, Guangdong Province - China
February winner: Andrea from Nankan, Republic of China (Taiwan)
March winner: Zdenek from Praha, Czech Republic
April winner: Akito from Tokyo, Japan
May winner: Liliana from Chihuhua, Mexico
June winner: Barry from Toronto, Canada
July winner: Sarah from Austin, Texas
August winner: Matthieu from Lyon, France
September winner: Martha from Copenhagen, Denmark
October winner: Paula form Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November winner: Peter from London, England
December winner: Ahmed from Baghdad, Iraq
January 2010 winner: Tom from Tel Aviv, Israel
February winner: Jessica from Liverpool, Great Britain
March winner: Abdul, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
April winner: Ann from Izmir, Turkey
May winner: Agatha from Warsaw, Poland
June winner: Asuka from Yokohama, Japan
July winner: Justine from Hamburg, Germany
August winner: Chris from Brisbane, Australia
September winner: Deborah from Las Vegas, USA
October winner: Alexis from St Petersburg, Russia
November winner: Chris from Larnaca, Cyprus
December winner: Claire from Avignon, France

January 2011 winner: David from Darwin, NT, Australia
February winner: Jason from Berlin, Germany
1000 order winner: Donna from Liverpool (refund of $ 42.00 order)
March winner: Dolores from Barcelona, Spain
April winner: Karl from Hamburg, Germany
May winner: Dominique from Lyon, France
June winner: Alana from Alaska, USA
July winner: Dominica from Caracas, Venezuela
August winner: Mike from Wellington, New Zealand
September winner: Paula from Winnipeg, Canada
October winner: Yussef from Cairo, Egypt
November winner: Annie from Sacramento, USA
December winner: Matteo from Las Palmas, Azores Islands, Spain
January 2012 winner: Reneta from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February winner: Danny from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March winner: Paolo from Brasilia, Brazil
April winner: Tom from Helsinki, Finland
May winner: Rachel from Honolulu, Haiwaii, USA
June winner: Dominic from Montreal, Canada
July winner: Danny from Lima, Peru
August winner: Ghislaine, Quebec City, Canada
September winner: Daniela from Milan, Italy
October winner: Ghislaine from Grenoble, France
November winner: Christine from Atlanta, USA
December winner: Dominic from Montreal, Canada
January winner: Chris from Melbourne, Australia
February winner: Danielle from Metz, France
March winner: Charlie from Los Angeles, USA
April winner: Julia from Rodos, Greece
Our May winner will be announced 1st May, register your details NOW to have a chance of winning the monthly prize of 10 postcards and 1 commemorative cover.

In order to be eligible for our monthly lucky draws, all you need to do is simply register your details with us with a valid email address, postal address and subscribe to our newsletter. It is free to register your details with us!

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